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Kahoku Lighting Solutions Corporation

[Head Office/Factory]
147 Funagata, Kofunakoshi, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986-0132 Japan
(0225) 62-3761
(0225) 62-3922
[Sales Office]
Nakacho Center Building, 2-23-2 Nakacho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 330-0845 Japan
(048) 648-8379
(048) 648-8389
[Vietnam Factory]
Lot C3.6, Road D1, Dong An 2 Industrial Park, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
+84 0650 3515035
+84 0650 3515036
August 1927
Company founded as Kondo Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
August 2006
Kahoku Lighting Solutions Corporation established as an independent company from Philips Lighting Holdings B.V.
Management Team
CEO, President
Yasumasa Konno
Vice President
Hitoshi Miura
Naoki Niisawa
Yoshiaki Matsui
Vietnam Factory
General Director
General Manager
Employees 140
Capital JPY 100 million
Main Business
Development, manufacture, and sales of Halogen Lamps and HID Lamps for Special lighting fields.
Light sourceApplication
Halogen lampOptical fiber for inspection process, IR measurement, Medical equipment (endoscope, blood analyzer), Airfield, Airplane, Stage/Studio, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (silicon wafer heating process), and others
Metal Halide LampFilm and TV commercial shooting, Studio lighting
Xenon lampUV spot curing, solar simulator, light distribution analyzer
DC Metal halide lampIndustrial automatic inspection
LEDMedical equipment
August 1927
Company founded as Kondo Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Started manufacturing projection lamps
April 1968
Concluded a joint venture and a technical assistance contract with GTE Sylvania
November 1972
Changed company name to Kondo Sylvania Co., Ltd.
Started manufacturing and sales of camera flashcubes
January 1973
Built a factory in Kahoku, Miyagi-pref. and started manufacturing halogen lamps.
Released halogen lamps with dichroic coated reflector for projectors ahead of competitors
October 1992
Closed the joint venture contract with GTE Sylvania and concluded a new joint venture contract with Philips Lighting Holding B.V.
February 1993
Changed company name to Kondo Philips Lighting Co., Ltd.
January 1995
Started manufacturing metal halide lamps
October 1995
Changed company name to Philips Lighting K.K.
November 1997
Obtained ISO9001 certification
April 1998
Transferred export sales from Philips Japan, Ltd to Philips Lighting K.K.
March 2002
Achieved over 100 million halogen lamp manufacturing
September 2004
Obtained ISO14001 certification
August 2006
Became independent form Philips Lighting Holding B.V. as Kahoku Lighting Solutions Corporation
October 2007
Started development of DC HID lamps and released DC HID reflector lamps
February 2010
Released DC HID Mercury Xenon lamps as well as Xenon lamps
August 2012
Founded Kahoku Lighting Solutions Vietnam
April 2013
Started operation of Vietnam factory

Corporate Message

President & CEO Yasumasa Konno
President & CEO
Yasumasa Konno
Create New Values with You
Following the principle of "Learn, Courage, and Endeavor" as a guideline and with the business mission to meet customer's expectations, Kahoku Lighting Solutions (KLS) has supplied revolutionary and reliable light sources to the market.
With the recent industrial and medical advancements, high functionality and high reliability are required for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical analysis devices, which are the main applications of our products. Under these circumstances, our products have been trusted by our customers from across the globe and used as key parts of their equipment.
We will continue to research on the needs of our customers and develop solutions which respond to them.
Technological innovations keep advancing in the medical device industry and other industries. New demands are constantly generated in manufacturing and inspection processes using those devices.
In such a situation, our business value offers help to our customers who are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition and to be superior by providing optimal light sources.
While maintaining our core technology of special light sources, we will further expand our business into the field of applied optical technologies. We will continue thriving to be the best light source customer could ever ask for.
We promise to keep challenging ourselves, and we would be grateful for your continuous support.

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